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The original MADYN was created at the Department of Machine Dynamics of the TU Darmstadt in the late 70s. Due to the previous experience of the creator with large FE-programs such as NASTRAN and STARDYNE, MADYN was built in the style of these FE-programs, even if the focus was on rotor dynamics. Therefore, the way was open to turn MADYN into a general purpose FE code, without any changes in concept.

To advance the university program to an industrial program Prof. Krämer suggested founding the MADYN User Club. This organization financed the conversion. It was finished in 1983. Thereafter, the code was developed according to customer requests. The main direction of development continues to be given by the members of the User Club.

The former colleagues at the institute, Dr. Merker and Dr. Schilling participated in the development. Later, Dr. Bernbeck joined us.

MADYN originally ran only on mainframe computers. Due to rapid advances in computer technology, MADYN is used on PCs and workstations today. 

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